About Us

Georgia Home Inspection Rob DonahueRob Donahue has been in the Real Estate industry since 1990. He started his as a licensed Real Estate agent working for a large private company whose services provided, Residential Sales, New construction and Home Mortgages. Seeing an opportunity has the real estate market was shifting to buyer agencies and more educated buyers, Rob seek out opportunities in the home inspection industry. “The part time” inspectors were not providing proper services for my buyers during the home buying transaction.

So in 1996, Sure Thing Home Inspections (STHI) which is the new name of Investigative Home Inspections (IHI) was started in Lawrenceville, GA. I was able to communicate with buyers and agents’ right out of the gate and provide the service and professionalism this industry needed.

Rob obtained on going training and CABO certifications with the GA Association of Home inspection (GAHI), SBCCI (CABO).

Sure Thing Home Inspections LogoIn 2004 Rob recognized yet another opportunity within the inspection industry, and that is mold inspections. When the Polybutylene and the stucco issues began to surface, homes were found to have extensive water and mold damage.

Most (mold) damage was not visible during the inspections and people were becoming concern about not just their home but also their health. Indoor Air Quality is now a major concern with buyers (especially with moms) because of growing issues with children allergies.

Doing a mold inspection (visual) during a home inspection was nothing new, but there had to be something that could be done to locate the “hidden mold” in the home without causing any damage. In 2005, Rob invested in the most advanced technology in the detection for mold, a trained certified Mold Dog.

We can now provide an additional service of indoor air quality to where we can bring in “Maggi” the mold dog during the home inspection. We can search for mold in what is referred to as “hot spots” and tag the location of concern. Sellers might not realize that they have a mold problem under the floors or inside the walls say, Rob Donahue. Maggi will seek out the mold and show me exactly the location.

One thing I have learned throughout my years is that homes operate as a system. Everything interacts together, HVAC, plumbing, drainage and so on. As a Home Inspector I look for issues that can cause water intrusion that would result in mold. As an certified (ACAC) indoor air quality inspector, Georgia Home Inspection identify to issues whether it’s an older home in Atlanta, new construction or a bank foreclosure.