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Buford Georgia Buyers Inspection

Buford Georgia Buyers Inspection

Smart home buyers opt for a home inspection, so they know what they’re buying.

At Sure Thing Home Inspections, we understand how overwhelming the home buying journey can be—buying new construction or a resale? What’s important is that you get the home inspected. Schedule your Home Inspection Buford, GA Today!

A home inspection is important for two reasons – to save you time and save you money. Buyer’s Inspection in Buford, GA, will offer a detailed look at the property to help you discover issues that could lead to big problems.

Here are 4 of the best reasons why you should schedule our Buford, GA Buyer’s Inspection now:

1. You see beyond those walls

Buying a home is very exciting, especially when you see how good it looks on the outside. The home inspection could discover issues that you may not see as the homebuyer, so a professional and trained eye is needed.

2. You’ll save more than what you’ll spend for the home inspection

Depending on the size and age of the house, the home inspection cost will greatly vary. At the moment, it may sound like an additional expense, especially since it’s not required. But, those who skip the inspection ultimately realize how much they have lost after moving in. It’s cheaper to spend the money on the home inspection than to later have to rewire the entire house because you bought a money pit.

3. You can negotiate better

The information you obtained from the inspection gives you an advantage before making a final decision. It also gives you the power to negotiate better and negotiate any repairs.

4. You understand both the positives and negatives of the property

One of the most important reasons you need a Buyer’s Home Inspection is the real education you can get about the property. Researching your potential new home is crucial. Purchasing a home is not a random choice. You may have worked for years planning and saving for the down payment. Now that you finally have the chance to own your own home, you would want the process to be as smooth and hassle-free as possible. 

Common Problems Found during Buyer’s Inspections

  • Structural problems such as failures in foundation or roof
  • Minor problems that can lead to major defects
  • Safety hazards such as improper electrical work and fire hazards.

At Sure Thing Home Inspections, our goal is to help you make an informed buying decision. We want you to have a clear understanding and an honest evaluation of the home. We are confident in our ability to deliver high-quality services at all times. We ensure that we follow the highest standards and guarantee that our home inspectors in Buford, GA, are courteous and professional.

As a home buyer, you must have a home properly inspected before you agree to purchase it. This home inspection process can save you quite a lot of time and money, so do not neglect this important task. Schedule your Home Inspection Buford, GA Today!

Our Inspections Are So Good, THEY’RE GUARANTEED

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We understand how it feels not being sure if you’re looking at the right home to buy or what needs attention before listing your house for sale. Our licensed and NACHI-certified home inspectors are at your service to provide you with the knowledge to confidently make that buying or selling decision.

We treat our clients’ homes the way we would treat ours. All our inspections are done thoroughly, consistently, and professionally. Our pros at Sure Thing Home Inspections will evaluate all aspects of your property following company policies, procedures, and industry standards.

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