How Does The STHI Certified Move-In Ready Homes Program Work?

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Whether you are looking to move into a new house or you just want to know the condition of your home, Sure Thing Home Inspection Services are critical to every homeowner and potential owner. Our professional Home Inspectors give you the confidence to move into a house or to invest in a house.

In addition to getting a proper insight into your home, a home inspection is necessary to all residences in order to ensure reliable accommodation. We deliver Certified Move-in Ready Homes every single time.

Move-In Ready Homes have been thoroughly inspected and undergone a 500+ Point Thorough Examination Of The Home Including Structural, Mechanical, Roof, Electrical, Plumbing, Major Appliances, Heat, and A/C. Certified Move In Ready does not mean that the home is perfect or that all repairs have been made. It simply means the home has already undergone a vigorous inspection and there are no big surprises to be found. A written report has been finalized and includes documentation of any areas of concern.

The written report and a narrative video are posted here for you to view. The report will be clear and concise, with digital photos of each room and any concerns noted. The video review, narrated by the inspector, provides verbal and visual clarity, and is also provided here.

If any areas of concern have been corrected, a follow-up photo may also be in the report to reflect appropriate improvements or the owner may have repair receipts from local tradesmen. Areas of concern that haven’t been corrected may also contain repair estimates provided by the seller. Please contact the listing agent for further information on any of the properties.

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The Savvy Inspector

Sure Thing Home Inspections, You just received a 5-star review from Pat S.

We decided to get a home inspection prior to selling our home. Brian did an amazing job and was very thorough. He uncovered a few things we were unaware of and plan to take care of prior to the sale. Brian explained everything in detail and even offered how things can be remedied prior to the sale of our home. Brian completed the report as he went through the process and we had a complete ready to download report within a few hours of him leaving the property. I highly recommend Sure Thing Home Inspections. One thing to note, the state of GA does not require home inspectors to complete any certification requirements, but Sure Thing utilizes other state certification requirements for all their home inspectors. Very reputable company.

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The Sellers Are Paying For The Home Inspection. How Do I Know That I’m Viewing A Fair Home Inspection Report?”

Sure Thing Home Inspections applies the same standards of inspections for sellers as we do for buyers.  Regardless of who hires us, the outcome will be the same.  We will not sugarcoat our findings for sellers any more than we will exaggerate our findings for buyers.  FAIR AND UNBIASED INSPECTIONS ARE ALWAYS OUR POLICY!

Whether you are in the real estate realm or you a just a concerned homeowner, you can expect excellent inspection service from Certified Home Ready Homes. Our main concern is to deliver Certified Move-in Ready Homes to every client at competitive rates. We are very keen on our work as we understand the challenges that face building structures. As a qualified service provider, we ensure that our work is thorough so as to detect any possible faults in the home that could lead to problems.

Our staff is highly trained to provide detailed reports on the inspection and to solve any problems that might be facing your home. We are also very committed to new information and we gather feedback from all our clients in order to make our services better. By doing that, we have managed to achieve a commendable success rate in our home inspection endeavors. We definitely aim to continue improving our services and giving our clients the best experience.

Great home inspection services are meant to guarantee efficiency, safety, and value for money. This is exactly what you get with us. We offer a comprehensive service that touches on every aspect of the residence. We not only sell products but also offer solutions, advice, and recommendations to all our clients. Our service is anchored on the skill, cooperation, and a thirst for excellence.


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