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How It All Works With Us

Contractor’s Best Pest Solution was founded in 2012 with the belief that Pest Control companies could provide great products and great customer service. Contractors Best Pest Solutions employee

Our founder Sammy Baker started in the Pest Control industry 25 years ago and has worked as an executive for Orkin as well as Arrow Exterminators. Mr. Baker puts it this way “what I learned very quickly is, how to turn branches around. And how I did that was by retraining and hiring the correct people. I quickly found out that large companies are not very personable and a lot of times try to make customers fit in a box. And if they don’t fit in that box then they don’t do well with a big pest company. That’s not the way we wanted Contractor’s Best to be. We wanted to actually be consumer friendly and create policies to help clients. Each and every customer that we have.”

One of Contractor’s Best favorite features is their No Transfer Fee. “We have no transfer fee. So if we treat a house, we have it under warranty. So the home owner can transfer that when the home is sold to the new person. At no charge. That’s one of our policies. We also have lower cost renewals on an annual basis. Which makes this a very good value to our customers. We also tailor all of our pest control treatments.”


Contractor’s Best Termite Control Buford GA relies on effective solutions like Termidor® that generates 100% results for 10 years! As one of the most rigorously tested termite solutions in history, Termidor® has successfully endured grueling USDA-Forest Service ground and concrete slab trials in four trials; at each application, this solution proved 100% effective. We stand by this trusted product that eradicates termites quickly and effectively.

Contractor’s Best Pest Solution Termite Control Buford Georgia are the experts that Buford GA trusts to eradicate termites.

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Termidor® kills termites on direct contact or when ingested by these pests. Once the termites come into contact with Termidor®, they transfer it from their bodies to the entire termite colonies. Once the colony comes into contact with Termidor®, the infestation dwindles until your problem is completely and reliably eliminated. As one of the most trusted methods of termite control in the Buford area, we are pleased to offer this trusted solution to our customers.

Fuse Pest Control

Fuse is another great product that Contractor’s Best Pest Solution relies on with two active modes to kill termites – the first of its kind. It uses Fipronil the active in Termidor® and Imidacloprid active in Premise to kill termites- both proven for over a 10 year life span. Imidacloprid acts post – synaptic nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the nervous system of insects. Fipronil blocks GABA – gated chloride channels in the central nervous system of insects. Fipronil is the active in Front Line – put on dogs and cat necks for flees and ticks – less active but used to kill termites.

These Creatures Can Do Serious Damage

When you invite Contractor’s Best into your home, we provide the termite protection you need to safeguard your structure for years to come. We have a proven record for delivering the superior results you can trust. Don’t let termites chew away at your most important investment–your home. Call us today to eradicate these voracious pests!

Contactor’s Best has developed pest-eradicating solutions based on years of experience and expertise. Our dedicated professionals carefully assess your home or business to provide the customized plan you need to become pest free.

Destructive Insects

Termites are destructive insects that feed on wood. Their destructive appetite can render your structure unsound requiring expensive replacements and repairs. The key to protect your home is to eliminate these pests before that can cause expensive damage to your home. Our solutions are designed to stop termites in their tracks.


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