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January 1st marks a fresh new year for you and your family. It’s the time where we try to create New Year’s Resolutions and create meaningful traditions to help us get by all year round. But, it’s not only us that need a fresh new start as soon as the new year begins. Our homes could use one too! In fact, with every new beginning come new trends in home decoration and home improvement ideas this year 2020!

Let’s take a look at five of the latest trends in design and remodeling so you can welcome the year 2020 with a fresh new start.

1.       Organization systems for your garage

One of the top New Year resolutions is ORGANIZATION. Apart from installing new storage systems perhaps for your kitchen or your bedroom, install some in your garage to ensure that everything is as organized as it should. Your garage can also turn into a workshop space where you can do other projects apart from fixing and parking your car. Just don’t forget to leave enough room for your car.

2.       Update your lighting

There are many great lighting options out there that can complement the current style of your home. Nothing beats good lighting to revamp your home’s entire look. You can add recessed lights, ceiling fans with light fixtures, sconces, LED strip lights (especially for your TV), and other types of interesting lights that add a more cozy feel to your humble abode.

3.       New windows and doors

Your windows and doors have a direct impact on how your entire home looks. Got broken windows? No matter how fine-looking your walls are when you have broken windows it wouldn’t just add up. Plus, air leaks on your windows and doors can take a toll on your HVAC which can be expensive on your utility bills. Apart from having a fresh new look for your home when you replace old materials, you also save a lot of money in the long run.

4.       Kitchen and Bath renovation

Simple ideas such as updating paint, adding cabinet pull, adding a backsplash, or even installing a mini shelf to put the best succulent you have, there is no doubt you can turn the entire look of your kitchen and bath around. What’s popular nowadays is adding more greens inside your home so get you a nice touch of modern design with a hint of nature. The kitchen and bath are big parts of the home that can definitely use some good improvements.

5.       Get a standby home generator

The prices of a backup generator can vary depending on the size. If you think about it now and you don’t need it at the moment, it sure is an additional expense. However, keeping one is extremely helpful during sudden blackouts. It can deliver power automatically and allows homeowners to operate major systems such as HVAC, TV, computer, and other appliances as they normally would. Owning a residential backup generator provides homeowners the comfort and safety during emergency situations.

Plan ahead before you make any changes to ensure that all your needed materials are available. You deserve to enjoy the comfort of your home so have fun redecorating and renovating!

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