About GPS

GPS was founded in 2003 to provide innovative new solutions to environmental property issues. With years of successful projects and in response to customer requests, GPS expanded its services to include new construction and remodeling to better serve its clients. As a full-fledged general contractor, GPS better meets our clients’ project needs. With more than 10,000 successful projects completed, GPS continues to satisfy its clients through our dedication to listening, delivering, and satisfying each existing or new customer. Our goal is firmly focused on meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations, to this end, the talent at GPS will generate excellent results for each and every project.

Our company is nationally-known for our ability to handle mold issues beyond the industry norms. GPS is the exclusive source for the PureSpace® products and process, a breakthrough approach that greatly benefits our clients. With PureSpace, GPS is able to do the following for our customers:

 1. Deliver project results that are consistently superior
2. Complete simple and complex projects in far less time, with much less disruption, than alternative suppliers and methods
3. Conduct our work with a pricing model that is consistently below those of our competitors.

Choosing GPS to resolve your mold issue is just smart – join the thousands of satisfied clients who have come to rely on GPS – for a faster, less expensive, but completely successful, end result.


Most remediation companies work diligently to solve their clients’ mold problems, so does GPS. But, we take customer service to a higher level. With our PureSpace® products and process, GPS can ensure that mold will not reappear on our treated surfaces. We have thousands of successfully completed mold projects and not one case where mold has returned. As such, GPS has never fielded a warranty claim for the failure of our system, a remarkable record over the past 14 years.

GPS pre-treats new construction projects and completely mitigates the risk for future mold growth. This is very good new for the developers, builders, managers and operators and even a greater benefit for the property’s occupants.

GPS holds a ‘Mold Prevention’ license issued by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, thought to be the only one of its kind issued by the department.


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