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Are you too busy to attend a home inspection for the new property you’re buying? This shouldn’t be the case. Why? Because it is vital that your new property goes through a thorough inspection.  But since your schedule is so tight, it is natural to ask, ‘how long does a home inspection take?’ We at Sure Thing Home Inspection, may not provide you with a fixed and exact answer because home inspections typically take two to four hours on the average, but the time is according to your property’s condition and size.

 how long does a home inspection take

The answer depends on certain conditions

Don’t settle for the answer to your question, ‘how long do home inspections take,’ especially if the inspector you are dealing with answers you with, ‘it won’t take long.’ You are making a significant decision of buying property, and this indeed needs more time and careful checking before you close the deal. At Sure Thing Home Inspection, we do not include the time spent for a home inspection. We don’t include either, the preparation of the report. This means that the time we will give you is mainly on the number of hours spent on the inspection itself.

We cannot directly give you an answer to the question, ‘how long does home inspection take.’ As mentioned earlier, the only time we can give you the exact answer when you ask us, ‘how long are home inspections,’ if we have already seen the home you are buying and we have already determined the size and physical condition of the entire property. One specific thing is very sure though that we can even assure you as our customer—a home inspection is worth spending your time for. There is nothing else more crucial when buying a new property than guaranteeing the excellent condition the property for sale.

Next, to the money you need to spend, the timeframe for the inspection is another primary concern a home buyer like you, has. Consequently, it is understandable if you ask how long should home inspection take. That is why you need to have a checklist. With this list, the home inspection task becomes uninterrupted. And, if there are some abnormalities which the skilled inspectors are likely to discover, allow a longer time so they can give you proper recommendations on the next step to take.

We do not promise you anything regarding the timeframe. This is the reason we repeatedly keep on saying we cannot give you an exact answer for the time concerning our home inspection services. There is one particular thing we can provide you. With this comprehensive list of items to inspect, there is no single minute wasted. – (BPT)

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