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Every home sale needs a home inspection. If you are a seller, this can be a tough task for you, but you should not consider it a problem. It may be challenging, but remember, this is also one way of offering the buyer a home that’s problem-free. If your buyer does not see any issue in the property, or if he or she understands that specific issues get a solution immediately, you can guarantee a sale in no time. The home inspection tips here will teach you how to prepare your home for a thorough inspection to leave a favorable impression on your buyer. Before you learn the tips, know first, the home inspection which that can help you make your home be in perfect condition in time for the sale. One firm you can trust is Sure Thing Home Inspections.

Tips that can guarantee a home sale

 home inspection tips for sellers

If you partner with Sure Thing Home Inspections for your home inspection, you can ensure an excellent service. This firm’s certified home inspectors go through a comprehensive checklist every time they conduct an inspection.  Below are some of the home inspection tips for sellers that can help you close the deal:

  1. Compile all the receipts of the routine or maintenance services you’ve had for your home and all its components. Organize them and always make them available for both the home inspector and the buyer. This practice will give both of them an idea of what your home went through in the past if any.
  2. De-clutter all areas in the property including the garage, crawl spaces, attic, and basement.  The home inspector needs to check for any damage or moisture. If any of the said areas is not accessible, he is likely to mark it as something that cannot be inspected, and this can prolong the process and be a waste of time.
  3. Ensure the inspector’s access to the furnace, water heater and the electrical panel. This tip is as important as the other new home inspection tips you just discovered.  Part of this task is to ensure the light bulbs are all properly workout. If the inspector finds that a light bulb is not working, it can be an indication of electrical failure.
  4. Run the water in all sinks and baths to see if there are clogs.
  5. Last of the tips for home inspection that can help you is to go through a pre-listing inspection. This task can take the stress away from you and your buyer. It also helps avoid extensive requests for repairs from the buyer. – (BPT)

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