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Home Phase Inspection

Also Known As Construction Phase Inspection

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Home Phase Inspection is designed to give the homeowner a complete summary of the condition of his/her home’s construction and make repair suggestions if needed.

In today’s housing market, new home builders/renovators are becoming more prevalent. If you are considering constructing your own home, are already in the process of doing so, or are renovating an older home, we suggest getting a home phase inspection! This will provide you with a deeper understanding of what’s going on during construction and may help you to avoid future issues.

What Does the Inspection Service Include?

Our proficient Inspection includes an exhaustive check including both the foundation and final stages of home construction. The general investigation incorporates a survey of the home’s structure and a report for the customer to utilize as a prospective guide.

Aside from observing the state of the structure, rooftop, electrical management, pipes, and warming & cooling framework, the proper inspection also includes a pre-drywall assessment that aids your understanding of the recently developed home.

Overall, there are two phases for Home Phase Inspection. The first phase is framing. This can be done when the house has been framed and all of the rough wiring, HVAC, and plumbing has been installed. Phase two is the finished inspection. This takes place when the home has been finished, everything has been installed, and has fully functioning power and water.

Matt provided us with a very detailed and thorough home inspection report. I am impressed with the breadth of his knowledge and experience. The report gave us a great road map for where we needed to look more closely. Great value. Great people.

Review of Sure Thing Home Inspections By Chuck Hall

Why is Home Inspection Essential?

An expert home examination is consistently suggested as it reveals any defects within the house, leaving the owner more aware. A quality survey gives you a chance to learn and understand everything required to guarantee a keen construction.

 Home Phase Inspection is where you can inspect the work quality as the home is being built. There is a Foundation Phase, a Framing Phase, and a Final Phase. It is suggested that you consider having a 1-Year Builder Warranty inspection done after you’ve lived in the home for about 9 months. Upon moving in, issues can come up, even if they didn’t show at the time of the final inspection.

Are you buying a newly built home? You need a New Construction Inspection! Call us today to determine what issues there are if any and can be added to the builder’s final punch list of repairs before closing.

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Home to giants Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, and almost any company you can think of, Atlanta has been a booming and increasingly prosperous city in the North Georgia. And if you’re on for a big move in Atlanta, Buford and surrounding areas offer you a dense suburban feel and a great home to live in with the help of our pros at Sure Thing Home Inspections.

We understand how it feels not being sure if you’re looking at the right home to buy or what needs attention before listing your home for sale. Our Licensed and NACHI Certified home inspectors are at your service to provide you with the knowledge to confidently make that buying or selling decision.

We treat our clients’ homes the way we would treat ours. All our inspections are done thoroughly, consistently, and professionally. Our pros at Sure Thing Home Inspections will evaluate all aspects of your property following company policies, procedures, and industry standards.

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