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‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly For Home Repairs And DIYs!

Less than a month, and it’s officially the holidays. Soon enough, families and friends you haven’t seen the entire year will start roaming around your home. But, if your home could use some improvements before the holiday season, do them now. During our home inspection in Buford, GA, we found common home repairs that are not necessarily costly but could use some good fixing. Below are some home projects you can tackle for a stress-free holiday!

·   Fix the drafty windows

Windows keep the cold air out of your home, but damaged or old windows may not be that reliable. Certain materials expand when warm and contract when cold. Cheap window frames tend to contract more and let air inside your home. Chilled air can make your home colder and put more pressure on your HVAC to keep you and your visitors warm. Putting more stress on your HVAC systems will also increase your bills. To fix your windows, you can apply window caulking, install weather stripping, or even invest in shades and curtains.

·  Repair your front door

The door of your home is the first thing your guests can see. Your front door also puts the best foot forward of your home. If your door needs repairs, bad first impressions also tend to stick around. Repair your locks, screen, weather stripping, hinges, and other parts of your door. You can even replace the entire door if necessary.

·  Revamp your bathroom and shower

Most guests tend to stay overnight, and a good bathroom experience is something to look forward to. You can paint the floor, refinish the tub instead of replacing it, refresh cabinets and shelves with new hardware, add a minimalist touch or go for bold patterns. Deep cleaning of your bathroom and shower is also something you can do to create a hygienic and fresh space.

·  Repair your gutters

The primary purpose of a gutter is to funnel water off the roof and away from home. It protects the foundation of your home, prevents erosion, protects your landscaping, and prevent basement flooding. It even helps prevent staining of the house and stop mold and mildew growth. However, once the gutter sags due to common wear and tear or after extreme weather conditions, it might no longer function well as supposed to. Sagging gutters could mean trouble for your foundation, siding, and even roofing system. Fix them right away to protect your structure from untoward water damage.

·  Fix or replace your siding

The siding or wall cladding is the protective material attached to the exterior side of your house. Missing or damaged siding exposes the underlying wood of your home. Plus, the wood becomes more vulnerable to rot, which then leads to more significant problems. It’s essential to fix them immediately. Damaged siding is prone to water damage, termite infestation, mold growth, and more. Your home is more likely to be more affected by heavy winds, rains, and other types of storm damage.

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