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Major Issues Found On The Inspection. What Now?

Sure Thing Home Inspections Major Issues Found On The Inspection. Now What

Major Issues Found On The Inspection.
What Now?

Investing in a home is a significant decision, where the home inspection is a pivotal step. Uncovering substantial issues during this process can cause stress and uncertainty for both buyer and seller. This article aims to provide clarity and guidance during such times.

The Purpose Of A Home Inspection

A home inspection offers an unbiased visual analysis of a home’s structure and systems, identifying potential concerns that might need rectifying. Common problems discovered during home inspections are faulty wiring, inadequate drainage, roof impairment, and structural issues. When major issues surface in the home inspection report, the potential outcomes vary.

Buyer's Alternatives Following an Unsettling Home Inspection Report

Renegotiating The Price

If the home inspection reveals considerable issues, the buyer can negotiate the sales price, compensating for the cost of repairs.

Requesting Repairs

The buyer can request the seller to rectify the issues before finalizing the sale.

Canceling The Purchase Contract

If the issues are extreme and the seller refuses to amend them or renegotiate the price, the buyer may be able to rescind the deal, given the contract's terms. Conversely, sellers also have options upon receiving a troubling home inspection report.

Seller's Alternatives Following an Unsettling Home Inspection Report

Performing Repairs

The seller can opt to rectify the identified issues, making the property more appealing to the prospective buyers.

Adjusting the Asking Price

If the seller prefers not to handle repairs, they can lower the asking price to compensate for the necessary fixes.

Selling "As-Is"

Sometimes, the seller might prefer to sell the house "as-is,", particularly in a seller's market or if they are in a hurry to sell.


What constitutes a major issue in a home inspection?

Structural problems, roof damage, faulty electrical systems, plumbing issues, or significant mold growth typically represent major issues in a home inspection report.

Can a seller refuse to conduct repairs after a home inspection?

Yes, a seller can refuse to conduct repairs post-inspection. In such instances, the buyer can renegotiate the price, request a repair credit, or choose to walk away from the sale.

What happens post an unfavorable home inspection?

Following an unfavorable home inspection, the buyer and seller negotiate. Options include the seller performing repairs, the buyer accepting the property as-is at a reduced price, or the buyer rescinding the sale.

Though discovering significant issues in a home inspection report can seem daunting, understanding the choices available to buyers and sellers can help successfully navigate these circumstances. Whether you renegotiate the price, request repairs, or walk away from the sale, it’s crucial to make an informed decision that aligns with your interests.

When complex issues come up with your home inspection, seeking our expert guidance helps to answer to questions. We are experienced in guiding homebuyers like you through their journeys with assured confidence and ease.

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