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November Home Improvement Ideas: Spruce Up Your Home for Thanksgiving

November Home Improvement Ideas By Home Inspection Buford

The Fourth of July, Halloween, and Christmas are among the most significant holidays each year. While most of us mark these holiday celebrations for different reasons, Thanksgiving is one where we celebrate gratitude, something a lot of people don’t express much and get enough of.

This November, Thanksgiving is a time to reunite with and appreciate family and friends, fix large feasts, and be grateful for the fruits of the previous harvest. And if you are to host this year’s family Thanksgiving feast, it’s just about a perfect time to spruce up your living space for the holiday.

Make Thanksgiving an even happier celebration with these home improvement tips.

  1. Clean Out, Repair, and Protect Gutters

Home gutters are not something many homeowners give much of a thought. But do you know that gutters can divert thousands of gallons of water each year? It may seem to be an intimidating job you might not be grateful to tackle but you’d rather keep water flowing away from your house than into it. That is because clogged gutters and faulty gutter supports can lead to leaks and damages that can compromise the safety of your home and your family.

Remove dirt and debris from gutters. Rinse them using a hose, pushing water toward the downspouts. Check the downspouts for clogs. Remove blockages if any. Using a hose, spray water into the downspouts or blast it with a pressure washer to work out any debris. Check for leaks and patch them with gutter sealant as needed. Make sure gutters are completely dry before doing exterior maintenance work. Protect your gutters by installing mesh guards to keep leaves and other debris from blockage buildup. Rusty gutters may need to be replaced. Be sure to follow safety guidelines before starting to work on your home’s gutters. Set up your ladder properly with secured footing and wear safety gear. If doing this work yourself is not an option, it is best to call in a professional for help.

Cleaning, repairing, and protecting your gutters is one of the biggest home improvement projects you can take on. Skip it, and you might inadvertently end up with damage and more expensive repairs to your home. This task will not only prepare your home for Thanksgiving but also keep your living space and family safe for the long term. You can thank yourself later. 

  1. Paint Makeover

Giving your home a fresh, new coat of paint can give the once dark or lackluster facade a dose of festive appeal for Thanksgiving. Vibrant colors can make you feel happier, have a new and better perspective, and kick those “winter blues” to the curb.

For the interior, rooms with exposure to sunlight will likely be the most prone to wear and tear. Repainting the walls of your rooms will significantly improve the appearance of your home interior. You might be inviting over family and friends who are battling with their moodiness. Fresh interior paint is an instant mood booster. This is also a grand gesture and a thoughtful gift for the holiday if you’re looking to surprise your loved one. Though it may be time-consuming to paint all of your rooms, just do the dining room, the family room, the bathroom, and the kitchen as these are the areas where your Thanksgiving guests will be spending most of their time.

A touch-up of the exterior that includes the deck, wood floors and stairs, and any other surface that will potentially be taking on the winter elements is a smart idea. Repainting can also help prolong the life of your siding and trim.

Remember to not paint outside when it’s too hot or rainy or when it’s really cold outside. It is recommended to paint within an acceptable temperature range or when the conditions are ideal. Temperature fluctuations can cause paint to react and won’t cure properly. Plus, specific types and brands of paint are all a little different. If you are unsure about whether the conditions are appropriate and which paint type or brand to use for a home paint makeover, contact your trusted local professional.

  1. Lawn Care

While your gutters are restored to pristine condition, now it’s time to get your yardwork project started to make your landscape an inviting place for your Thanksgiving guests. 

Start by trimming the shrubs. Not only will it shape your greenery but also removes dead and dying branches to allow new fuller growth from the areas cut.

Next, mow the grass. Mowing the grass helps keep weeds out, eliminate pests, keep the root system healthy, and promote thicker growth when cut at the correct height.

Finally, rake up those leaves. Raking leaves and aerating your lawn will help prevent it from suffocating, make the soil less compact, improve air exchange, and stimulate new growth, among other benefits.

Getting your lawn into tip-top shape ensures its health and beauty. Your guests will be buzzing about how amazing your home exterior looks before they even see the festive makeover you’ve set inside. If you want to free up your time for family and friends, and planning for Thanksgiving dinner, a professional lawn care service will make quick work of this home improvement task.

  1. Tune Up the Furnace

There’s nothing worse than hosting a Thanksgiving feast with your family and friends shivering with every bite of turkey. Nobody enjoys their hot meals served cold. A furnace is a great and common heating system for most of our homes during the cold winter months. It quickly provides comfort to the entirety of your home within minutes. Without that warmth and comfort, those festivities indoors would come to a grinding halt.

One of the best home improvement tips you can make this Thanksgiving and for the coming winter – especially if you plan on doing a lot of entertaining at home – is tuning up your furnace. Tuning up your furnace will keep it running effectively and efficiently, ensuring your guests are cozy this Thanksgiving and well into the future. A trained professional can perform quick maintenance on your furnace to make sure you, your family, and guests will enjoy a comfortable time indoors. This also helps prevent any potentially catastrophic damage to your home. Just remember to run your furnace for a few days before Thanksgiving as stagnate furnaces will need to cycle through. You don’t want that musky smell to drive away your guests.

Offering a warmer indoor space will put your guests at ease and allow you to enjoy quality time during your Thanksgiving celebration and for the winter holidays to come.

  1. House Cleaning

Owning a home can be rewarding but cleaning and maintaining it might seem daunting. In fact, a dinner for a family of 12 prepared in a day can be nothing compared to the overwhelming task of house cleaning. However, cleaning up your home for the holiday doesn’t have to be a dread.

Pick a different schedule in the week that is not on your usual cleaning list. A simple clean and polish of your floors will add a touch of elegance to any room or area they are in. Clean up your bathroom. This is probably one of those areas in the home where guests will be spending quite a bit of time. Add in some decorative mats and a matching shower curtain. Stock it with the essentials such as soap, hand towels, and toilet paper. Place a few vintage fixtures or candles for a festive look.

If you’re like many busy people whose jobs can be very demanding, taking out a chunk of your time for cleaning tasks to get done might be a handful. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a professional to clean your house? Scheduling a trusted cleaning pro will allow you to save time and focus on more important tasks while getting your home to look its best for Thanksgiving lunch. Hiring a professional to clean your home is likely worth the expense. Not only will it save you time and effort but also the stress, so you can enjoy what matters most. 

Making your home sparkly clean will bring about a better feeling of bringing guests into your home.

  1. Holiday Lights and Decor

Your home is your joy and pride, as any homeowner might agree. You may have cleaned out your gutters, spruced up your lawn, and done a little painting. However, there’s no better way to make your home reflect the happier and thankful spirit of the season than to add holiday lights and decor. Installing holiday lights and decor is an excellent way to create a festive atmosphere in your living space. 

There are types of holiday lightings you can add to your interior and the exterior of your home. Use LED lights for more efficiency and to save energy while making your home look beautiful on a budget. 

When considering Thanksgiving decor to complement lighting, a few things you can do is to add a corn husk wreath to your front door, a simple decor on the mantel – perhaps an apple table runner, an eye-catching fruit and vegetable centerpiece, some floral painted pumpkins, dip dye candles, and more. 

Get those Thanksgiving lights and decor set in and around your house to make it really stand out, show your festive side, and get your family and guests into the spirit of the season.

  1. Stage Your Kitchen

Thanksgiving is just one of the holiday seasons that make the busiest time for most kitchens. The big feast is coming and it’s not time for your oven, fridge, or dishwasher to be malfunctioning. You can perform some quick maintenance checks to make sure your kitchen appliances are functioning properly. Should you run into issues with any of your appliances, make sure to hire a professional who will get your kitchen and your home in good working condition before the busy Thanksgiving day.

With a roasting turkey, mac and cheese, fluffy rolls, and all the comfort side dishes needing attention of the stove and oven, you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen all day and be bummed about missing out on the fun. You can add a high counter and some bar stools where guests can sit to eat, drink and enjoy conversation. Adding some additions to your kitchen can help bring in the entertainment while you cook.

You can also make more space by adding open shelving units. This adds more storage but doesn’t take up too much floor space giving your guests room to move around and socialize while you’re preparing the food.

Taking on a Thanksgiving lunch or dinner is no easy task but it should be fun. No matter the size of the meal or guest list, making the holiday memorable doesn’t have to be complicated. By taking care of one of your most prized possessions – your home, there are a lot more home improvement projects you can do before Thanksgiving. Making your home safe, clean, and prepped up for the big feast, your living space will be a great place to entertain your guests.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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