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Pool Inspection involves examination of the following: vessel and coping, equipment and operation, and placement and protection of the pool. Placement and protection assessment involves the determination of health and safety hazards around and within the pool. This may involve assessment of fencing and gates. Equipment such as pumps, skimmers, heaters, timers, and filters are examined to determine their operation.

The Pool Inspection helps to maximize and extend the pool’s life. We show our customers the importance of being proactive in relation to pool maintenance. An early and regular check of ground fault circuits, water supply system and interrupters helps in maintaining the performance of the pool.

Our Home Inspectors examine all components that are vital towards the operation of the pool. The report that is issued to the home owner after inspection educates them on how to properly maintain their pool and make necessary repairs on time. Recommendations are given after thorough discussion of the findings from the inspection.

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