georgia home inspectors, home inspection georgia, georgia association of home inspectors, georgia home inspection, home inspectors in georgia, home inspection certification georgiaIs selling your home in the plans for this spring? If so, here’s some good information to know about the home inspection…

Inspect Early and Often ~ When prospective buyers get close to signing a contract on your home, one of the first things they’ll do is have your home professionally inspected. If any nasty surprises are uncovered – such as mold or water damage – things are going to change. At best, you’ll have to lower your asking price. There’s also the possibility that the buyer will take their business elsewhere and simply disappear in a puff of smoke. Avoid this problem by inspecting your house regularly! A few important areas to check are your basement, attic and bathrooms.

You should also consider a professional home inspection, called a Seller’s Inspection or a Pre-Listing Inspection, to see what issues would be uncovered with a buyer’s inspection. This way you have time to fix and repair any issues without paying for a time crunch repair, and many times, a buyer will forgo their inspection when they see your Seller’s Inspection Report and documentation of the items that were fixed or corrected. Makes for an smoother transaction all the way around.


Tips to Prepare for your Home Inspection


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