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Preventative Home Condition Evaluations

The purpose of a preventative home condition evaluation is to deliver a cost-effective conditions report for any homeowner who wants an unbias evaluation of their home. The company’s goal is to provide a working list of helpful suggestions from Handyman to Professional repairs that can drive down the cost of expensive repairs and with no financial interest in the repairs. 

Our goal is to deliver you a cost-effective report on the condition of your home!

We have over two decades of experience in producing residential home condition reports, providing us with the experience we need to accurately and efficiently evaluate your home. We can identify small issues that, in time, may become a major repairs. Obtaining a preventative home evaluation report will include preventive comments which may help you prolong the life of some mechanical systems through recognition of necessary safety features and money-saving maintenance.

Our conditions report will break down seven main components of the home that, over the years, we have found to be very costly and easy-to-overlook issues. Our detailed digital on-site report will evaluate the deficiencies or maintenance suggestions for the home and provide helpful tips to the homeowner.

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FAQ - Buford Home Inspection
FAQ - Buford Home Inspection
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Home to giants Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, and almost any company you can think of, Atlanta has been a booming and increasingly prosperous city in the North Georgia. And if you’re on for a big move in Atlanta, Buford and surrounding areas offer you a dense suburban feel and a great home to live in with the help of our pros at Sure Thing Home Inspections.

We understand how it feels not being sure if you’re looking at the right home to buy or what needs attention before listing your home for sale. Our Licensed and NACHI Certified home inspectors are at your service to provide you with the knowledge to confidently make that buying or selling decision.

We treat our clients’ homes the way we would treat ours. All our inspections are done thoroughly, consistently, and professionally. Our pros at Sure Thing Home Inspections will evaluate all aspects of your property following company policies, procedures, and industry standards.

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