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Quick And Easy House Repairs Under 10 Minutes

With the current situation that the world is facing, we are advised to stay at home as much as possible to protect the health and safety of our families and community. Hence, cleaning and disinfecting the home is done regularly more than ever.  But, minor fixes inside the home or conduct house repairs should also be considered to get rid of the household headaches that can add up to the stress and anxiety we are experiencing. We commonly find minor issues during our home inspection in Buford,GA that could be easily repaired by the homeowner.  Schedule Online your Buford Home Inspection 

Check out these 7 quick and easy home fixing tips that only take 10 minutes or less for a stress-free and cozier home.  

  • Fix a wonky chair

Keep a rickety old chair together without taking it apart and gluing it. Simply drill pilot holes and drive trim-head screws through the rungs and into the legs. This is an easy fix you’ll definitely want to come in handy!

  • Lubricating a Sticky Vinyl Window

Vinyl windows not operating very smoothly are usually caused by gunk buildup in the channels. Spray dry lubricant on the contact points and wipe it off with a rag. Do not use oil lubricants as this only attracts dirt and can even damage the vinyl.

  • Fix a squeaky floor

This is another easy home. First, locate the floor joists with a stud finder and then drive a trim screw through the carpet, pad, subfloor, and right into the joist. Trim screws are better since larger heads pull down and pucker the carpet.

  • Use dish soap to unclog the toilet

If you haven’t tried this and your toilet plunger doesn’t seem to be working, well now it’s to do it. Pour about ½ cup of liquid soap and let it sit for a while. The liquid soap reduces the friction allowing any contents on the bowl to slide through easily.

  • Remove a water stain

Okay, this one is pretty common but most don’t know how to fix it easily. Instead of going through the trouble of repainting the ceiling, spray the spot with a bleach and water solution (10% bleach) instead and wait for at least two days. If it’s an old and hard to remove the stain, try using a mold and mildew remover. It works on both flat and textured ceilings and usually clears away the stain the next day. Just remember to wear safety goggles and protect the walls and floors with plastic.

  • Fix your drawers

Drawer front pulling off? Just cut a couple of lengths of quarter-round with the same height as the drawer sides. Hold them in place while you drill a couple holes through the sides and front of the box. Since wood glue doesn’t stick well to finished surfaces, use polyurethane glue instead. Dab some on the pieces of the quarter-round before screwing them in place.

  • Fix a running toilet

One of the most common problems with a toilet is the chain catching under the toilet flapper, breaking, or coming off. This can cause water to leak continually out of the tank. To fix this, simply remove the chain and slide a plastic straw over the chain. Make sure it covers about two-thirds of the chain and reattach the chain to the arm. It’s a simple fix for a running toilet with a kinked chain.

Every homeowner must be knowledgeable about these easy-to-do and common house repairs. Oftentimes, huge problems come when minor issues are not attended to. If you care about the beauty and structure of your home, your 10 minutes or less can go a long way. You’ll sleep soundly every night knowing that your home is in tip-top shape.  Schedule Online your Buford Home Inspection 

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