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Sure Thing Home Inspections Launches New Sewer Scope Inspection Service



May 31, 2023


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Sure Thing Home Inspections Launches New Sewer Scope Inspection Service

Buford, GASure Thing Home Inspections, a trusted provider of professional home inspection services, is excited to announce the launch of their new service, Sewer Scope Inspection. This specialized offering is designed to protect homes by providing a thorough examination of the sewer line, detecting potential issues, and ensuring the health and safety of families.

During a Sewer Scope Inspection, Sure Thing Home Inspections checks for various factors that could impact the sewer line’s functionality and integrity. This includes identifying clogs, blockages, leaks, structural damage, cracks, and imperfections in the line. The inspection also assesses the type of material used for the line and checks for roots growing through the line, separation, failure, and bellies in the drain.

Is a Sewer Scope Inspection worth it? Absolutely! Sewer Scope Inspections provide homeowners with the opportunity to identify potential issues concerning their sewer drains or lines before they become more costly problems. It can help you save significantly on costly repair fees that could range from $3,000-$30,000. This inspection is intended to protect the health and safety of those around you – for this reason, it’s a wise investment.

A Sewer Scope Inspection involves using a specialized camera inserted into the sewer line through a cleanout access point. The camera captures a video feed, allowing Sure Thing Home Inspections‘ experts to identify any issues within the sewer line accurately.

Rob Donahue, Founder of Sure Thing Home Inspections, emphasizes the importance of a Sewer Scope Inspection for home buyers conveying that understanding the state of the sewer line before finalizing a home purchase is crucial. Hidden problems could result in significant expenses post-closing.

Sure Thing Home Inspections has identified numerous issues during their Sewer Scope Inspections, including blockages caused by waste, grease, or foreign objects, tree root intrusion, cracks, leaks, bellied pipe sections, and off-grade pipes made of substandard material. Detecting these issues early on allows homebuyers to address them promptly, saving money, preserving property value, and ensuring a healthy living environment.

Sure Thing Home Inspections is renowned for its highly-trained inspectors, who carefully examine every property detail. Their meticulous attention to detail leads to well-rounded, comprehensive reports outlining issues and expert recommendations on necessary remediation. 

Among their outstanding home inspection services, they also offer New Construction Inspection, Surefied Home Checkup, Commercial Building Inspection, and more – all designed to go above and beyond job expectations. Their commitment to excellence makes them the go-to choice for any kind of home inspection need.

Secure a comprehensive understanding of your home’s plumbing system by booking a Sewer Scope Inspection. Sure Thing Home Inspections offers useful insights you can’t afford to pass up.

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