Termite Letter

What are Termites and how do they affect me?

Home inspection Buford GATermites are small wood-destroying insects that often find their way into residential homes. They are able to thrive in both damp and dry wood conditions, making them one of the most prevalent and destructive home pests. The best way to protect your home from termites is to prevent them by taking consistent precautions that limit them from entering your home.

For more information on termites and how they can potentially affect you, follow this link:  https://extension.uga.edu/publications/detail.html?number=B1241 

Matt did a phenomenal job! It’s my first time buying a home and he took extra time to walk me through everything on the property and set clear expectations throughout, not just for the inspection report, but also for providing ways to take care of the house in the long run. Amazing experience. Definitely recommend! –  Kaitlin Costello

Sure Thing Home Inspections offers a termite letter, a document stating that the home is free of any termite invaders. The letter has a 30-day warranty from the day of the inspection and is an essential part of any real estate transaction. Schedule your Home inspection Buford GA today!

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