Upgrade Your Space Without Breaking The Bank

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Whether you rent or own, a happy home means finding distinctive ways to continuously upgrade your space without breaking the bank. A full renovation or re-design can be pricey. But making your home feel fresh and current doesn’t have to be. We’ve thought through cost-effective solutions to make your home a place you love.

Upgrade Your Space Without Breaking The Bank

1) Measure your moolah

Understanding the budget is a crucial first step to any home project and money can be a sensitive subject. To conquer the awkwardness. Download a finance app to get a sense of your spending habits. This will give you an accurate measure of how much moolah you have to spend on your home. It could help you save a buck or two on overall spending as well.

2) Score some smart solutions

Once you understand the budget. Invest in smart solutions to have the place feeling fresh and updated in no time. If you’re interested in smart temperature control. Check with your local energy provider to see if they offer incentive programming or kickbacks for making the switch!

Easy changes like Bluetooth-connected plugs. Meat thermometers and smart lightbulbs will use less energy and make you more connected to your home.

3) Swap that showerhead

If you’re looking for more of a visual change. Swap out a faucet or showerhead — an easy but impactful update regardless of rent/own status. Brands like Peerless Faucet make products specifically designed to be on trend. But easy to manage. As long as you select a faucet that matches the current setup of your countertop (e.g., single handle or double handle, with or without soap dispenser).

You can swap out any standard faucet for one that matches your vibe. From the kitchen to the bathroom, investing in a few key pieces for your home will last you a lifetime. Especially if you pick multi-functional pieces like the SideKick Shower System.

4) Try subscription solutions

An easy way to spruce up your tables, walls and cabinets are by signing up for subscription services that take the thinking out of upkeep. There are a number of practical subscriptions you can opt in to. Like FilterEasy, a service that sends you filters for your HVAC exactly when you need them. Or, if cleaning supplies are something you continuously forget to buy.

Subscription services take the thought out of having home supplies at the ready, under your sink, whenever you need them. If you’re looking for a simple upgrade. You can receive art that matches your style or fresh flowers. There is a subscription for almost everything and when used strategically. They are a great way to manage your spending while investing in your space.

5) Spark joy with spring cleaning

Speaking of cleaning, when you make the switch to your summer wardrobe and your annual spring clean. Take the time to assess what, as Marie Kondo would say, sparks joy versus what has seen better days. By taking ownership of what must stay, and saying thank you and goodbye to things that are ready to go. Your belongings won’t feel like a burden, because everything will have a purpose. When you begin to spring clean, think through new methods of determining what should stay and what should go.

Once you’ve done these things, if you are looking for more, below are some quick fixes:

  • Add new fabrics (e.g., cushions, curtains, throw blankets) in the living area and bedroom.
  • Create an accent wall with adhesive wallpaper.
  • Hang mirrors to create an illusion of a larger space and spread light throughout the space.
  • Go green, add plants.
  • Swap out the knobs on your kitchen/bathroom cabinets.
  • Change the light fixtures.

Try these simple tips to spruce up any room in no time.

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