One of my recent clients decided to call someone different from my recommendation for duct

cleaning. The company or that’s what they refer to themselves as, came out and showed the new homeowner that the had mold in his ductwork. He even had the balls to go and say, you’r
inspector should have caught this!

The agent called the company that I recommended and they did an inspection. While the other company showed the homeowner a piece of ductwork covered in mold, the second person could not even find the section to where the duct board was cut from. Not only that, the second company took picture inside the unit showing how clean the unit was and not a Speck of mold !

Beware of the $99 duct cleaning special, the first company told the owner it would now be $800 to get rid of the mold! There is a reason you should ask for a referral from someone you trust and not look at the lowest price coupon!


Signs You are Dealing with an Unethical Paint Contractor

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