Our Big Frog, James Crofutt, after having worked for the larger electrical companies, decided the industry needed a change so, Big Frog Electric jumped in with a splash in 2011. His 15+ years of experience in the field backed with numerous certifications and licenses makes our know-how hard to beat.

Having spent these years directly interfacing with customers, James understands that customers priorities include personable service,  fast response times, the ability to trust that the job is being done right, and professionalism.

At Big Frog Electric we do not have commissioned salesman, just electricians that have your safety as their #1 priority and not their pockets!  We fill a void in the disappearing art of craftsmanship, integrity, and character in the electrical contracting business.

Our Frogs are fully dedicated to the electrical trade, its research, industry knowledge and are actively on the edge of new technologies.  Each Tadpole (new hires) we recruit displays optimal craftsmanship, knowledge, courtesy, and professionalism with each project – from inspection to conception to completion. You can have peace of mind with Big Frog Electric on the job.

Big Frog Electric is a family-owned, owner-operated, electrical service company that appreciate the communities we serve and gives back where we can. One way that Big Frog Electric gives back is by offering a special discount to all of our public school teachers, veterans, seniors and first responders.

Big Frog Electric would love to be your go to the electrician. For more information on how we can serve all of your electrical needs, contact us today at 770-559-9009 or use our online contact form and one of our electricians we get in touch with you.

Local Electrician Services – Licensed & Insured

At Big Frog Electric, there is no job too big nor too small. We work with Residential Home Owners, General Contractors, and Commercial Building Owners. Some of the project areas we see most often include:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Electrical ServicesOur licensed electricians are skilled in the areas of Recessed Lighting. Add that special touch to your beautiful home by adding the decorative and useful Recessed Lighting. Recessed Lighting not only makes space look more open it adds value and light with out the look of a fixture. Let Big Frog Electric install a Recessed Lighting system that not only looks great but adds the look of more space.
  • Surge ProtectionOur licensed electricians are skilled in the area of Surge Protection. You have spent your hard-earned money on computers, stereo’s, TVs and other expensive electrical components and products. Don’t let the lightning destroy your valuable electronics. Let Big Frog Electric’s professional electricians install an affordable Surge Protection system that not only protects but saves you money in the long run.
  • Electrical Panel Installation & ReplacementThere are many reasons to upgrade or replace your main electrical panel, panels 20 years or older need to be inspected to determine if there are any signs of overload, arching or heat, sometimes just simply replacing breakers and tightening terminals is enough to prolong the life of the panel. Often the manufacturer determine the need for replacement, we recommend replacement of any of the following, Pacific, Zinsco, Wadsworth, Bulldog, Sylvanic and Fuse Boxes.Our licensed electricians are skilled in Panel Installation & Panel Replacement. It takes a professional and experienced electrician to properly and safely work on an electrical panel. We at Big Frog Electric are the experienced professionals you need to get the job done safely and done right. Let Big Frog Electric’s professional electricians install or replace your electrical panel.
  • Home Automation Repair & InstallationWhat is Home Automation?” you might ask. Well, Home Automation is another way of saying “Smart Home”. With Home Automation it has become possible to dictate how and when the different devices inside your home do what you wish them to do no matter your current location. We at Big Frog Electric are experienced in this grand technology, so if your Smart Home needs some work Big Frog Electric is your best choice.
  • Ceiling Fans ReplacementOur licensed electricians are skilled in the area of Indoor Ceiling Fan Installation. Add that special touch to your beautiful home by installing a decorative and useful Indoor Ceiling Fan. Indoor Ceiling Fans not only beautify your home they also add value and comfort. Let Big Frog Electric’s professional electricians install all of your Indoor Ceiling Fans.
  • Flat Screen Television Wiring & MountingOur licensed electricians are skilled in the areas of Flat Screen Television Wiring And Mounting. We can mount your T.V. where you want it and wire it so that you don’t have to see the wires. Our work is guaranteed so don’t settle for less.
  • Whole Home Electrical System InspectionsOur licensed electricians are skilled in the area of Home Electrical System Inspections. We at Big Frog Electric are professionals with the experience that makes us experts in all things electrical. We are qualified and have the knowledge necessary to do a proper home electrical system inspection.