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The Buyer’s Home Inspection Checklist

The Buyer’s Home Inspection Checklist

By Your Trusted Home Inspection Buford

How does a home inspection checklist factor into the process of buying a house? 

All of us understand that issues with a home result in costly repairs. Despite our best efforts, we may not be able to identify these issues ourselves. A professional home inspector can get this done, and having a home inspection checklist will help you transition through the whole real estate process and into your dream home. 

Here are three crucial items in your home inspection checklist that you should focus on – 

(1) Safety

(2) Function

(3) Structural

Take a look at the main categories every home buyer should look for
when previewing a property:


While previewing the property, be on the lookout for any type of defective electrical issues and/or exposed wires. Also, look for water leaks, moisture stains, presence or indication of mold, as all of these are red flags. Look around for issues that jump out, like windows that won’t open correctly, doors that don’t shut properly, cracks in siding, and broken steps on stairs. 


The home has four main systems: electrical, heating, air, and plumbing. Are the systems functioning properly when turned on? Any noises that don’t sound right? Do they appear maintained? 


The structural integrity of the home is a crucial element. Careful examination of the home’s structure will help you make smart decisions. Do you see any indication of roofing or attic issues? Are there cracks or displacement in the foundation or siding? Does the home have a poor drainage system? Is the deck pulling away from home? These issues can trigger major structural damage, so be aware and address these in advance.

Areas to pay attention to:

  • The Lot
  • Foundation; basement, crawl space, slab
  • Roof, attic
  • Exterior siding, decks, porches, garage, doors, windows
  • Evidence of interior and/or exterior leaks 
  • Electrical inside and outside
  • The plumbing inside and outside
  • Appliances
  • Heating and cooling system
  • Odor, unusual smells


When previewing a home to buy, it’s a must to understand what you’re buying. By getting a professional home inspection, the findings will inform you of the home’s present conditions and give you Peace of Mind. The home inspector will make recommendations for immediate issues and items and maintenance work to deal with in the future. 

The home inspection lays out for you the home’s current condition, helping you make an informed, smooth, and stress-free buying decision.

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